Syllabus NEC Article 450 Transformers and Transformer Vaults (Including Secondary Ties)

This training will prepare the electrician or industrial maintenance technician to perform common tasks on various kinds of motors and controls frequently found in the field. The course will cover material throughout the NEC and in Article 430 specifically which will help them work more efficiently and safely on these apparatus. Fundamentals and details will be covered. In addition, motor circuits including variable frequency drive and soft-starters will be covered. The student will be able to properly evaluate the requirements of motor circuits and controls. Troubleshooting techniques will be covered. A final exam will be given and a certificate of completion will be awarded to those with a passing score.

Part 1 Day 1 / 8 Hours (7 contact hours CEUs)

Section 1 The Fundamentals

1.       Induction and the Induction Motor

2.       The rotating field of an induction motor

3.       Parts of a Motor

4.       Horsepower, Speed and Torque

5.       Various applications of induction motors and the types of loads driven

Section 2 Motor Identification

1.       Motor nameplate data (430.7)

2.       In the absence of legible information

3.       T-Lead identification

Section 3 430 Part XIII Grounding All Voltages

1.       Non-current-carrying parts of motors and controllers are liable to become accidentally energized

2.       Stationary motors generally all into the category of required grounding, with some exceptions

3.       Provisions for portable machines

4.       Controllers are grounded per 250.8

5.       Methods of connection to equipment grounding conductor per 250 Part VI (250.110-250.126)

Section 4 Motor Control Centers (MCC) Part VIII

1.       Defining a controller

2.       Starting, stopping and reversing motor direction of rotation

3.       Starting and stopping - older methods and with soft-starts

4.       Speed control Introduction to the VFD


Part 2 Day 2 / 8 Hours (7 contact hours CEUs)

Section 5 430 Part III: Motor and Branch-Circuit Overload Protection

1.       When to use the nameplate and when to use Tables (Tables 430.248 through 430.250)

2.       Protecting the motor

3.       Protecting the circuit

Section 6 430 Part IV: Motor Branch-Circuit and Ground-Fault Protection

1.       Over current protection

2.       Ground fault protection

3.       Motor protection

Section 7 Making the Connection

1.       Annex D Example D8 Motor Circuit Conductors, Overload Protection and Short Circuit and Ground Fault Protection

2.       The Ugly Book Method 2008 Edition page 42

3.       Six Steps Method


Section 8 Final Exam



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Part 1 - $98

Part 2 - $49

Both Parts $125


Items to bring

Your calculators, computers or other devices

Your Code Book and your Ugly Book

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