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What is THERMAL IMAGING and how can my company benefit?
Thermal Imaging has the ability to save time, money and Improve safety in your plant or facility through our noninvasive infrared testing.

Thermal Images are created using an infrared Camera that detects heat given off by an object.

Every object gives off heat, and has its own heat signature.
Heat is normal but excessive heat or the lack there of can be an indication of abnormal conditions.
Using data of normal heat properties of a object we can determine if an object or equipment has an indication of a potential problem..

Thermal imaging is a powerful tool utilized by progressive companies across a wide range of industries and applications for predictive maintenance. Downtime costs your operation money.

With our Infrared camera and certified Thermographers, the images are evaluated to pinpoint the source of the problem. Your final report is clear, concise, and accurate. We will personally go over your report to help you understand the apparent problem areas and in most cases suggest appropriate corrective measures. (Defined in critical and noncritical and based on previous data collected from similar cases.) Your repair staff will have no doubt about the location and nature of the problem.

Your report will be entered into our database for future examination and evaluation. Helping you to compare and evaluate trends in equipment. This information can also help you determine if the problem has been corrected or if further measures need to be put into action.

Equipment with critical conditions can be taken off line under a scheduled shut down, as opposed to failing in the middle of a shift, or worse, during hours when your facility is unoccupied, increasing the chances of more severe damage or fire.   This technology helps you make sound decisions about equipment care, maintenance, budgeting and plant operations.

Infrared Scanning & Inspection Services

Improve safety, efficiency, and maintenance at your facility with the best predictive maintenance available. FSI has a state-of-the-art infrared camera to help you eliminate costly downtime and save you money in the long run.

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Glencoe, AL 35905
314 East Air Depot Road
Office 256-546-1681

Mobile, Alabama 36582
6135 Rangeline Rd.

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