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"Infrared Scans will Save You Time and Money."

Now in Atlanta Metro, The Gulf Coast, Alabama and growing throughout the Southeast

We specialize in the field of Infrared Testing.

This area of preventive maintenance is highly effective in finding, isolating and fixing the problems that may exist in your facility. The process of thermal imaging is the use of a camera that is capable of providing an image that utilizes the various degrees of the infrared spectrum.

This testing allows you to see the object or machinery in various degrees of heat. Heat is normal and radiates from all objects all the time. Excessive heat however is the culprit that will reduce the life of your equipment and cost you money.
We will locate these problems.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging
Non-destructive testing
Early detection of problems that could eliminate catastrophic failures and shutdowns, get longer life from your equipment, and focus maintenance efforts.

Save Money
• Prevent equipment failures
• Reduce downtime
• Improve electrical and mechanical system efficiency
• Save on emergency repairs
• Help plan and schedule repairs

Save Time
• Reduce emergency calls for maintenance crews
• Avoid disruption of service while performing scan
• Help Identify and prioritize areas needing preventive maintenance

Improve Safety
• Reduce risk of catastrophic system failure
• Identify fire hazards

314 East Air Depot Road • Glencoe, AL 35904
Office 256-546-1681 • FAX 256-492-4442
6135 Rangeline Rd. • Mobile, Alabama 36582
Atlanta Georgia Metro Area • Smyrna, GA

Glencoe, AL 35905
314 East Air Depot Road
Office 256-546-1681

Mobile, Alabama 36582
6135 Rangeline Rd.

Atlanta Georgia Metro Area
1246-A Concord Rd. Suite #206
Smyrna, GA 30080

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